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诺维信(中国)投资有限公司2015招聘_北京校园招聘 Plan and conduct laboratory work according to experimental plans prepared together with scientist, and optimize methods to improve efficiency. Evaluate experimental results, using relevant data analysis methods. Interpret and summarize results within the context of project goals, in the form of internal reports and presentations with conclusions reviewed and accepted by senior staff. Maintain accurate, up-to-date records in laboratory notebooks, databases, etc. according to NZ filing system, and keep good traceability in the system. Maintain a range of experimental equipment in good condition through calibration, preventative maintenance, up-grades, and necessary repairs. Take ownership of assigned activities to achieve high quality results and demonstrate a positive team-working attitude on a consistent basis. Qualifications Bachelor degree with 3-year research working experience or Master degree in Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, preferred with proven experience from enzyme applications. Interested in carrying out laboratory bench work. Good written and verbal communication in English and mandarin, Enthusiastic personality with a passion for science and scientific approach, proactive and work under pressure, good adaptability, interpersonal and teamwork skills. Challenges The candidate will conduct multi-task management and keep up with the fast technology development. Scientist As a Scientist you will needs to play a very important role in all below aspects: ?? Independently plan, carry out and report laboratory studies as part of project plans and in agreement with Manager/Senior Scientist Contribute to study and project plans Define, analyse, develop and implement new methods, equipment and competencies to solve multiple-discipline technical problems Take on project group leader responsibilities when appointed Provide guidance and information to Research Associates and Lab Assistants to secure fast, efficient and prioritised solving of tasks Drive the development of department strategies Implement/maintain company policies, principles and QMS Ensure good cooperation within the department and collaborate closely with other parts of the organization Qualification PhD or MS with 5-10 years of proven experience in your major. Experience with enzyme is preferred. Good communication skills, excellent English, are needed, as well as an enthusiastic personality with a passion for science and scientific approach. 诺维信是引领生物创新的世界先导。我们与众多行业客户携手,开发面向未来的工业生物解决方案,促进客户业务发展,改进地球资源的使用方式。 诺维信的700 多种产品遍及全球130 个国家。我们的生物创新为日新月异的未来市场需求提供卓越的可持续解决方案,提高工业效率,保护地球资源。从去除食品中的反式脂肪酸,到驱动未来的先进生物燃料,诺维信的天然解决方案在众多工业领域得到广泛应用。超过6500 项专利,见证诺维信永不止步的探索精神,释放自然界蕴涵的科技魅力。诺维信全球拥有超过6000 名员工,从事研发、生产、销售和行政工作。诺维信公司在丹麦哥本哈根证券交易所上市(股票代码NZYM B)。 核心业务涵盖工业酶制剂、微生物制剂以及生物医药成分。诺维信通过内部项目、战略联盟以及商业并购,开拓新的业务领域。 公司主页:http://www.novozymes.com/asiapacific-cn/novozymes-in-china/career-in-china/Pages/default.aspx 招聘邮箱:possc-rec@novozymes.com 浙江三菱报价
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